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Who is Randy Lanphear

Randy Lanphear is an exceptional mix engineer with over a decade of experience, renowned for his dedication, versatility, and commitment to creating exceptional mixes. As Swae Lee's engineer, he intimately understands Swae's artistic vision, delivering captivating mixes that leave a lasting impact on hits like "No Type" and "Sunflower." Randy's role as a vocal producer and recording engineer on "Be Like That" showcases his attention to detail, capturing nuances and elevating the emotional impact of the song.

With his involvement in tracks like "Guatemala" and as the main engineer on Rae Sremmurd's "Sremm4Life" album, Randy's trustworthiness, technical expertise, and commitment to perfection shine through. He records and crafts standout mixes, exemplified by the captivating track "Not So Bad." Randy's journey started as an intern under Steve Hybicki, propelling him to become a trusted assistant and studio engineer for Rae Sremmurd.

Motivated by a love for good music, Randy has the ability to shape songs into something extraordinary, building artists up and pushing them to new heights. His knack for evoking a wide range of emotions through carefully crafted mixes creates transformative experiences for listeners. Collaboration is at the heart of Randy's process, valuing artists' visions and working closely to bring them to life.

With his expertise, dedication, and passion, Randy Lanphear continues to make a lasting impact as a versatile mix engineer. His unique ability to connect with artists and his unwavering commitment to excellence have resulted in numerous success stories. Through his work, Randy aims to create timeless songs that resonate deeply with audiences, forging a harmonious connection between music and emotions.


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